The Ozarks

My Ozark Attitude
is inspired by the beauty of my surroundings.
From the lush green forests, serene lakes and streams,
and clean, fresh country air

I've only recently become acquainted with the Ozarks.
But being here feels so natural. The beauty is inspirational.
Peace eminates from the hills, which seem to have the potential to cradle the soul.


I am in awe of the beauty around me, but more than that,
I have come to appreciate the peaceful rhythm to the lifestyle here.
It is serene and quiet, inhabited by good, caring, friendly people.
It is easy to be inspired by this place. It inspires creativity,
making me want to write.

 Inspiration brought me to the first story I wrote in Arkansas.  I sold it to the local newspaper, The Baxter Bulletin. It was about a reknown Arkansas nature photographer, Tim Ernst. Ernst is a man for whom I've come to admire not only for his work, but his natural ability to teach about the natural world in which he lives and thrives. I was pleasantly surprised when the story was chosen as the cover for the paper's quarterly publication, The Good Life . This is how it looked.

To read original story click here.


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