​​Welcome to the Internet home of Carol Henrichs

As a retired journalist I will always be a writer

I enjoy taking pictures in and around my Ozarks home, blogging,

quilting, and engaging in a lively political discussion 

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The beauty of the Ozarks is inspirational, thus the name of this site--Ozarkattitude.com

When my husband and I moved to the Ozarks, I was so taken with the beauty here. As a writer and photographer, there is always something to catch my eye. I like to include photos in my blogs and on social media. 

             CHMusings speaks to my personal side. It is rooted in my love of the natural world, much of which I love to photograph. But, don't be surprised by political and social commentary.

Welcome to the Internet home of Carol Henrichs


           CHBlog highlights a 20-year effort to halt the construction of an unnecessary new airport in the green fields south of Chicago, Illinois. The fight, which has spanned 25 years remains and is a current topic, but others have begun to emerge as well, such as gun violence, politics, and even religion.

          CHQuilts combines my love of writing with my love of quilting, a passion that began more than 15 years ago. I am forever learning and sharing new things about this historic, artistic, and practical past time. 

                CHonTrack  is all about how I spend most of my Sundays--watching my favorite NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman, in his #31 car.