CHBlog highlights a 20-year effort to halt the construction of an unnecessary new airport in the green fields south of Chicago, Illinois. The fight, which has spanned 25 years remains and is a current topic, but others have begun to emerge as well, such as gun violence, politics, and even religion.

        CHMusings speaks to my personal side. It is rooted in my love of the natural world, much of which I love to photograph. But, don't be surprised by political and social commentary.

        CHQuilts combines my love of writing with my love of quilting, a passion that began more than 15 years ago. I am forever learning and sharing new things about this historic, artistic, and practical past time. 

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Welcome to the Internet home of Carol Henrichs

The beauty of the Ozarks is inspirational. It infuses my attitude with pleasure and joy, thus the name of this site

‚ÄčA retired journalist, I will always enjoy writing and photography. I maintain several blogs, as shown below.

My interests are diverse, but include a love of nature and wildlife. I have been a quilter for the past 20 years and continue to be amazed at the creative possibilities. I admit I've been known to engage in a lively political discussion.

I enjoy sharing photos, such as those shown below, in both my blogs and on social media, where I can be reached at:  

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